Fish Pond

Here is the Fish Pond painting I made some time ago. This is painted on a 150 x 150 cm wooden table with acrylic paint. I didn't paint this to be hung on a wall but to serve as a decorative table top. You can walk around the painting/table and it will look like you're viewing a pond from above. I finished this with a thick layer of transparent varnish to protect the painting and so you can actually use the table.

If you click the "read more" button you can view a video I made with a friend showing my painting process and I also made some close-up photo's.

The video was filmed and edited by my lovely friend Gabriella Piccolo. Again, thank you Gaby! Below are some more close up photo's of the painting. 

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0 #1 Manuela Castanheira 2012-06-13 19:17
I love it.

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